Clara is a ray of sunshine. A playful, lively little girl. A little girl with an invisible handicap: dyspraxia combined with ADHD.

Clara and her family endured many challenging summers in various day camps. Every day was a battle. Clara didn’t like any of them - either she didn’t make friends or she wasn’t properly supported. Her parents always ended up withdrawing her.

Everything changed when they found a YMCA Day Camp. Clara was paired with a dedicated companion who met her different needs and ensured that she participated in the group’s regular activities. It was a great comfort.

Her companion helped Clara gain self-confidence, push her boundaries and create bonds, in a safe environment. “It was a relief to see our daughter enjoying her summer. Finally!“

The news reminds us every day that many children and adults suffer from exclusion. By supporting us, you make YMCA programs accessible to as many people as possible. You make a huge difference that directly impacts children as well as the quality of life of entire families like Clara’s.

Our impact


participants who could not otherwise afford our activities and services saw their lives change thanks to financial assistance from the YMCA totalling $1.27M.


people who were homeless or at risk of being homeless got help to turn their lives around or were referred to the appropriate resources.


asylum seekers stayed at the YMCA Residence and found the support they needed to start a new life.